• Bing Zhang, PhD, Professor of Biology
  • Contact:


  • Mojgan Padash Barmchi, PhD, studies neuronal and cell polarity and synapse development.
  • Weijie Liu, PhD, dissects the role of subset glial cells in neural circuit function and fly behavior.


  • Victoria (Tori) Balise (PhD-track), studies glial and neuronal regulation of synapse and axonal development.


  • Laura Wax, also the lab manager,  provides the most crucial support needed in daily research existence and lab function.
  • Gentry Decker, fly genetics and electrophysiology.


Our undergrads actively assist lab activities and pursue independent honors research projects.

  • Kayla Howard
  • Audrey Wagner
  • Christina Wang
  • Alex Willenbrink


FORMER LAB MEMBERS (moved on, but not forgotten)


  • Phillip Vanlandingham, PhD (2009-2012, now Scientist II, Charlesson, LLC. Oklahoma City, OK).
  • Lerin Chastain, PhD (2010-2012; homemaker)
  • Rudolph Bohm, PhD (2008-2010, now Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University at Brownsville).
  • Rafique Islam, MD (2008-2009, now a Sr. Research Associate at the University of Florida).
  • Veronica Martinez, PhD (2005-2007, now Associate Professor, Biology Dept., University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX).

Visiting Fellow:

  • Gregory Macleod, PhD (2003, now Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, University of Texas Medical Sciences Center, San Antonio, TX).

Research Specialists:

  • Taylor Fore (2010-2013, now PhD student at Duke)
  • Emily Kumimoto (2009-2013).
  • Hong Bao, MD, MS, (2000-2013)
  • Rebekah Green (2011-2012, moved on to attend OUHSC PA program).
  • John Tauber (2011).

Undergraduates (Individuals underlined here co-authored papers or abstracts with us):

62. Laurel Persa (Jan 2013-May 2013, now an MD student at OUHSC).

61. Kiran Paul (Jan 2013-May 2013)

60. Abby Rubenstein (Jan 2013-May 2013)

59. Grant Kirby (Jan 2013-August 2013, now an MD student at OUHSC).

58. Jared Stowers (August 2012-August 2013)

57. Uzma Hajiyani (August 2012-May 2013)

56. Tyler McLemore (Summer 2012, from Southwestern Oklahoma State University, SWOSU)

55. Kody McKay (Summer 2012, from SWOSU)

54. Alex Nasr (National Merits Scholar; June 2012-Dec 2012, now an MD student at UTSW, Dallas, TX).

53. Camille Milton (Jan 2012-May 2013; Honors student)

52. Damon Graves (Jan 2012-June 2012)

51. Ban He (Fall 2011-May 2012)

50. Drew Cameron (Fall 2011)

49. LaKesha Seals (summer, 2011, from SWOSU)

48. Megan Fuzzell (Summer 2011)

47. Jonathan Schwing (Spring 2011)

46. Jessie Hall (Spring 2011-May 12, went to PA program at OUHSC).

45. Rebekah Green (Fall 2010, went to PA program at OUHSC).

44. Laura Esquivel (Fall 2010)

43. Alex Parker (National Merits Scholar; Honors College; Fall 2010-May 2012)

42. Margaret Warner (Fall 2010-August 2011)

41. Audrey Ojwang (Summer 2010-May 2011)

40. Dhara Sheth (National Merits Scholar; Honors College; Spring’09)

39. Luke Toho (Spring’10, Honors reading. Dartmouth MD student)

38. Braedon Collins (Summer ’09-May 2011, Honors College. OUHSC MD student).

37. Chelsea Springer (Summer ’09-May 2011, Honors College; completed an Honors Thesis; recipient of Top 10 graduates in Zoology, May 2011. UTHSC Medical branch, MD student).

36. Lindsey Goodnight (Spring’09- Summer’09).

35. William (Will) Welch (Spring’09-June ’09. OUHSC MD student).

34. Logan Cox (Summer’08-Summer ’09).

33. Tyler Gunter (National Merits Scholar; Honors College; Fall ’08- May ‘10. Completed an Honors Thesis; recipient of an Undergraduate Research Award at OU, Spring 2009; recipient of Top 10 graduates in Zoology, May 2010. OUHSC MD student).

32. Leah Henry (Fall ’08- May 2011. Honors College; an NSF REU student in summer 2009; completed an Honors Thesis in Microbiology. OUHSC MD/Ph.D. student)

31. Stephanie Easter (Spring ’08-Dec’08. Honors College. Went to U of Alabama at Birmingham as graduate student).

30. John Tauber (Spring ’08- Dec 2010. Honors College; completed an Honors Thesis; recipient of Top 10 graduates in Zoology, May 2011, recipient of the First Annual Vad Foundation Award for Outstanding Honors Thesis, May 2011. Published a first-authored paper in PLoS One).

29. Catherine Trevino (Spring ’08)

28. Cindy (Shin young) Kang (Spring ’06-Spring ’07. Went to Tulane medical school).

27. David Liang (2006-07. Completed Honors thesis 2008 and went to UT Southwestern Medical School, Dallas).

26. Brandy Zrubek (Spring-Fall 2006).

25. Lauren Balker (Spring –Fall 2006. Deceased April ‘07).

24. Chris Javadi (Fall’05-2007. MD/Ph.D. at UT Southwestern, Dallas).

23. Lilly Ngo (Spring ’06-2007. Went to medical school).

22. Marillizeth Salinas, NSF REU summer student (summer’05)

21. Alvin Chandra (Spring ’05-2007. Dean’s Honored Graduate for 2008), a medical student at UT Southwestern, Dallas)

20. Justin Harvey (Spring ’04-March 2006. Deceased Feb ‘08)

19. Ellen Ngo (Fall’04-2006. Went to a med school).

18. Sarah Park (Spring ’05-Spring’06), went to medical school.

17. Melodie Chen (summer 03-, an NSF-sponsored REU student. Went to medical school.

16. Sara Hapip, St. Mary’s University of Maryland, summer 2004 (supported by an NSF REU grant).

15. Robert Lagow (summer ’04-Spring 2007). Now an engineer. Published a first-authored paper in PLoS Biology.

14. Brittany Bradshaw (summer’04-Summer’05.  Went to a Ph.D. program at University of Washington, Seattle).

13. Marianne Bae (Fall’04-Dec. 2005.  Went to UT’s Pharmacy School).

12. Mary Lee (May ‘02-May ’03).

11. Christine Jabcuga (Fall ‘02, and Spring/Summer’04. Went to UTHSC medical school).

10. Desiree Stewart (2002. Went to a graduate program at U Alabama-Birmingham).

9. Yoav Kaufman (Jan 03-Dec. ‘03.  Went to Baylor College of Medicine).

8. Alfred Song (March 02-Dec. 02).

7. Ellen Lee (Summer 00-December 02.  Went to Texas Tech med school).

6. Thomas Kellermann (Jan. 02-May 15, 02. An exchange student now back to Germany).

5. Evan Cohen (June 01-Aug. 02.  Went to a Ph.D. program at UT MD Anderson Health Science Center.

4. Jennifer Franco (Summer 00-May 01).

3. Christina Bucalo (Summer -Dec’00. Wen to work at Ambion Co).

2. Hsiao-Tuan Chao (Summer 00-Aug.02. Went to Baylor College of Medicine as an MD/Ph.D. student).

1. Richard Daniels (Spring 00-Aug. 02.  Earned his Ph.D. from Washington University School of Medicine at St. Louis and went on to do his postdoc training at University of Wisconsin-Madison).